Friday, May 22, 2009

Find of the day | 2nd

You might be telling yourself that American-made products are the way to go in this economy. Keep the money in our hands and it will come back to us in the end. And I am 100% with you on that but with everyone looking towards what the next best American product will be we are loosing site of what the best international products are now.

While on my lunch break I went to the only good place to eat in Gardena, Marukai Pacific Coast. Marukai is an all in one Japanese market with a supermarker, cosmetic counter, food court and Asahiya bookstore. Asahiya with 4 locations (Torrence, Gardena, Sawtelle and one in New York) is the only reasonably priced place to find Free&Easy and Lightning and is where I usually find myself browsing the sale section.

But today was different, I wasn't in search of Free&Easy or Lightning I was just bored when a cover caught my eye. With about 30 well dressed Japanese men on the cover and a bright pink title I couldn't help but pick it up. "2nd" what a strange name for a magazine but after scanning the pages and price, on sale for a little over $5.00 I had to have it. The magazine was filled with a series of "Head to Toe"s, new shops, what they called "Vintage Museum" on vintage clothing such as LL Bean, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Orvis and more, and their article which I could not read on Steven Alan. I was in awe. Why have I not heard of this before? The layout was simple, attractive and had enough English for me to know what was happening. With a sale price for the last issue at $9.00 and the one before at a little over $5.00 I about the oldest one I could just to start and will be going back tomorrow for the others.

This is a find worth noting for anyone interested in great menswear. Find your local Japanese bookstore and grab yourself one. And always browse you never know what you might find.

The newest issue of 2nd magazine
The Issue before the one I currently have