Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Find of the day | Col. Littleton No. 2 Grip

With Michael Williams, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Planes of Fame as stated below, of A Continuous Lean creating his line of bags and Ryan Willms of h(y)r collective with his line of bags for THE Collection by (y) there has been a lot of talk about bags lately (Jon Moy of Getting Beat Like You Stole Something and his obsession with bags). And I will soon be traveling quite a lot up and down the West with appointments to meet with buyers, so I have been looking at ways of maturing the way I travel. And this is what I found.

Thanks to ComfortablySmug (@comfortablysmug) for initially inspiring me and giving me the lead to this company and I know it is not from L.A. but it is too nice to pass up the offer to talk about. Colonel Littleton of Lynnville, Tennassee are master at what they do.

They are self proclaimed "purveyors of fine accouterments in the Americana tradition" and do so with style. But there was one item that caught my eye. Made of their own No. 8 khaki cotton canvas, native American steer hide and fitted with brass hardware, solid brass not coated, this bag is a beauty and no traveller should be left in an airport, train station, bus station or anything of the sort without one. It is the No. 2 Grip traveling bag. Large enough to fit your weeks worth of clothes with an inside sizing of 16 ½"W x 17 ½" T x 5 ¼"D at top and 7 ½" D at bottom but small enough to bring on a plane with you. The Y-strap, buckle closure is beautifully done and it comes with a nameplate for your initials to personalize it once everyone else has one. It is classic but does not "look like you walked off a movie set". Which tends to be Nick from A Time to Get's problem with vintage inspired clothing. So check it out.


Comfortably Smug said...

I just can't get enough of their bags. Really digging your blog too man, keep up the excellent work.