Thursday, May 21, 2009

Find of the day | Vintage Vans

In light of the recent post for the day, my find of the day will fall right in line. Today while looking for new shoes, all my Vans are beat up and all my converse have no insole, I decided to check eBay to see what they have. Their selection is minimal but I will post the best of what I found after the jump. Each of which will be made in the U.S.A. and vintage. So, start your search and tell me if you find anything worth anyone's while.


Paul @ Z-Box said...

It's nice to see people interested by original Vans.
We too cover american made sneakers (Vans and Converse) @ & We have also a small boutique where we sell our "lucky finds", feel free to take a look.

Shaun @ TWGA said...

Yeah, I just purchased a pair. Hopefully I get the size 9 I want. I can't wait to get them.