Monday, May 4, 2009

Recap: Band of Outsiders at Barneys on Wilshire

This Saturday I was able to make my way over to the Los Angeles Barneys NY on Wilshire to see Scott Sternberg, designer and mastermind behind the infamous clothing line otherwise known as Band of Outsiders, for a the Made-to-Measure event of a lifetime. While there I was able to catch a rare glimpse of Scott in action.

Scott Sternberg (sitting) taking down measurements and advising on shape and size of suit.

When standing there watching I decided to spark up a conversation with what I later found out to be his Design Assistant. During conversation we discovered that we had both attended the same middle school, Walter Reed MS, you might know it from the National Republican Convention where it was mistakenly placed behind John McCain.

Scott Sternberg decided he was interested in what we were so deep in conversation about being that I had just found out that one of my old professors had passed away just a year ago of a brain tumor. So, the conversation continued with Scott included and had moved to discuss the overall atmosphere of the company and Scott and my matching glasses, Moscots of course (there is nothing better). As the conversation continued Scott having to come and go to perform his job, I am not blaming him just pointing it out, I noticed that all the fabric came from the same English fabric house that which I can not remember (I will try and find out). And after some time talking and watching I decided it would be my time to ask about internships. Can you blame me, I am just out of college and fashion is my overall passion? So, we will see how that goes.

Apart from that check out the pictures below of the event. And a very special thanks to Scott Sternberg and Barneys NY for letting me take the pictures (Barneys was a little hesitant until Scott gave his verbal permission).

S. Sternberg taking down the necessary information.

Swatches from an English fabric house.