Monday, May 25, 2009

Remembering | Memorial Day

In the 40's both my grandfather were in the South Pacific fighting in WWII. My Grandfather was in Kyoto, Japan whereas by Opa was in Indonesia. Neither of them were unfortunate enough to have their "life taken" as Andy Rooney would say.

After the jump are pictures of my grandfathers from the war. I'm sure they have phenomenal stories unfortunately my Grandfather died when I was very young and my Opa speaks not a lick of English and I speak no Dutch. So, hopefully one day I will get some information somehow. I already have my grandfathers army issued ring but the stories are worth more than that.

"Me Bunting Ball Kyoto - Japan" - George Freeman

"This is a picture of myself hitting the ball in the game between the 24th & 25th div. Kyoto, Japan" - George Freeman in the mid-40's

Opa Cornelis Barneveld (who I am named after) and Ome Giejs during the War in Indonesia.