Saturday, May 9, 2009

Something to get you through the weekend

After the jump are three new artists that I have come to like over the past few months. Including George Stanford, The Tallest Man On Earth, and Bon Iver. Included is a bonus of one of my all-time favorites, Andrew Bird. Enjoy.


greenjeans said...

nice. I just got into bon iver and love andrew bird. I wish he would get more play.

ps. do you prefer the single stitch Steven Alan over the reverse stitch?

Shaun @ TWGA said...

I have broad shoulders for how thin I am, so the reverse stitch pulls at the top two or so buttons. It wasn't until my day with Nick that I was introduced to the single stitch and absolutely fell in love. So I would have to say that I prefer the single stitch but have yet to buy myself one. I am waiting for the Sample sale at the Robertson store here in LA.

But I agree with you about Mr. Bird. I love his CD Armchair Apocrypha. And Bon Iver is also a new love for me.