Thursday, June 11, 2009

1st Annual SS/STG Good People Revival & Pinewood Derby

When I was young I was not one to be apart of the boy scouts, cub scout, or any other type of scout that may exist. My after school activity usually consisted of hanging out at the shipping and fabric houses at my Mother and Father's work or hanging out with my Mother at home after she quit to raise me.

So, when it comes to activities like camping, and certain arts and crafts I am what some may call a newb. That is why I jumped at the chance to participate in a Pinewood Derby. But it is not your run of the mill pinewood derby or in other words it not a PG-rated boy scout pinewood derby. But with only a few days to go and the 13th coming fast. So, if you haven't started you're screwed which means one less car to beat. So, come for the food, the drinks, the betting, the voting or the shit-talking cause it is bound to be a blast.

Check out the progress after the jump. And I hope to see everyone there or at least their car.