Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Apolis Activism x Kanvas by Katin MTM Event

With summer being as elusive as it has ever been and June gloom getting the best of Los Angeles, today's sunshine was a breath of fresh air or at least warm air. But the one thing I love best about the warm weather is the chance to get back into the water. But my one problem is getting to the beach and seeing all those baggy, hanging-off-the-ass board shorts. Why can't they just buy a pair that fits them? Well, not only can they buy a cool pair that they can flaunt at the beach but also a pair that is personally made for them, meaning they will actually fit properly how the board short was originally designed to fit. So to all those douche-bags, I mean beach goers who can't seem to buy a pair of board shorts that you go. Head over and get yourself a pair.


jon said...

just read your father's day post on allplaidout. great job!