Thursday, June 4, 2009

Capturing Los Angeles | LeRoy "Granny" Grannis

Being born and living in Los Angeles except a short hiatus for my studies in Oregon has taught me a lot. One is that the most beautiful of places are not that way because of the place itself but for the people that make it up. And to capture Los Angeles in a limited space can be difficult. You could place a picture of the Eastern Building or the Hollywood sign or even traffic on Sunset but what represents the West Coast feel are the people and the attitude they express in the simplest of activities.

Who better to capture that attitude than Los Angeles native LeRoy "Granny" Grannis. Avid surfer and reknowned photographer took his camera to the sea to capture the freewheeling 60's spirit of Californians at their best. Having plenty of his work published in magazines and a few collections published by the likes of Taschen he certainly has the ability to...Capture Los Angeles.