Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doing it Right | Getting Beat Like You Stole Something

When it comes to posting I stick to what I know and that mainly includes things of a masculine nature. Between the WWII-era eBay finds, the vintage car and air shows, and the different places I write about they are all aimed at one specific gender...Men. So, when I want help with the other side of life I look to one place, Getting Beat Like You Stole Something. The one and only Greenjeans, AKA Jon, has the best section I have seen on any blog out there "Stuff for your girl".

"Stuff for your girl" is a phenomenal section of...well, stuff for your girl and not a single thing on their can be seen as subjectively likable. They are all top notch choices from a wide variety of styles and categories of fashion. In fact, my favorite -- which can be found after the jump -- came just in time or in other words the day before the birthday of an ex-girlfriend and close friend of mine who I just so happened to purchase two item for based off the recommendations from his site.

But don't be deterred if you don't have a girlfriend, there are plenty of wonderful posts on his site about great things for just men. Especially yesterday's post about Gost. A great clothing line with some wonderful graphic tees. So check it out and enjoy, it is definitely worth your time.

stuff for your girl

Snoozer Loser just released some awesome new accessories for the Summer. Although this quartz one is actually from their Spring collection, I still love it. I bet your girl would look pretty awesome rocking this with a simple white tee and some denim. And for 18 bucks, it's totally worth her smile, isn't it?

This Gypsy necklace is from the new line of accessories and is pretty dopeshow. I think girls like fringe necklaces, but I'm not sure. All I know is that any girl who likes this necklace probably has a cool dress to go with it.

This is by far my favorite piece of the new line. It's a pendant from the '60s designed to hold $2 in quarters. So cool.
This is the ideal 'just because' gift. Unique, pretty, and with a hint of whimsy. Just like her right?

Sonia from Snoozer Loser makes it way too easy for us guys. They even come wrapped in a hand-stamped jewelry box tied with silk ribbon. Seriously, you have no excuse now.

Get it all here.


Lou said...

pretty sweet finds. that quarter holder pendant is solid!