Friday, June 19, 2009

Event Recap | Apolis Activism x Kanvas by Katin MTM Event

As I get out of the car in the parking garage of American Rag Cie I am greeted by a dapper young gentleman in a blue oxford, linen tie, Rag + Bone jeans, leather boots and an Apolis Activism jacket. After sparking up conversation on the walk to the front doors it is revealed that he is one of the three bothers in charge of Apolis Activism. Shea, the one I spoke to the most and met in the parking lot, was a great guy, both kind and interesting having travelled the world with his brothers and being versed in culture. And it definitely showed in their ability to hold themselves in manner befitting of a gentleman and in their concepts/designs.

Taken straight from their site..."They anchored this vision in the word Apolis, which translates as 'a citizen of no country' — where there are no flags and no borders, humanity is our common cause and greatest priority." Their vision and recent collaborations makes this company unique and worthwhile.

Glenn and Sato Hughes of Katin

So, it was not surprising that they recently collaborated with Kanvas by Katin, a 50 year old this year veteran to the world of surfing. Started by a couple first in the market of boat covers and sails, a surfer commissioned them to create a pair of board shorts that would stand the rough lifestyle and brutal sea salt that comes along with being a surfer. And so they did. As Glenn Hughes, son of the Sato Hughes the owner and seamstress for Katin since 1961 when immigrated to the USA from Japan, put it the pants could stand up on their own. With that said how could I pass up on the opportunity to get a pair from the best, I didnt.

Having waited for the gentleman before me to get his pair and having been a little bit of a nag, by the time my turn came I knew exactly what I wanted. So, I told him. I wanted them to look as original as possible, so I get Red canvas shorts with the original patch on the bottom left leg, a off-white -- they called it beige -- 4' competition stripe. Each pair of custom shorts will be made by hand in their Surfside shop by Sato Hughes and will come signed by her.

Now I get to the conundrum of whether I should wear them or frame them. Most likely I will wear them. Nevertheless, they never seem to stop amazing me. Not only were the brothers of Apolis Activism and the mother and son of Katin there but Katin brought their whole crew and a photographer from the world famous Japanese magazine Free&Easy was there.

The crowd was intimate and of course fun, and I see a hopeful future for the two brands. Especially with the new collaboration between Apolis Activism and Filson...a little preview of their bag to come right below. Their involvement with Invisible Children and with other not-for-profit organization is right up my alley. So check them out and get involved.


Bobby said...

those shorts are amazing. bummed i missed the event.

Shaun @ TWGA said...

It was a fun event. Tecate, A small Japanese immigrant measuring board shorts, three brothers and great clothing....what more could you ask for?

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