Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Place To Go | Craft, Los Angeles

Shopping in Los Angeles is extensive but monotonous or poor. You either find the same old things you could buy at Barney's or your looking at Sean John or Enyce, oh and don't forget Ed Hardy. I won't deny there are a few diamonds among the mounds of coal, The Stronghold and South Willard, but to find a Burmese Ruby in the bunch was fantastic. So, while on a run to the Pacific Design Center, I made my second trip to Craft, a Los Angeles men's store by husband/father and wife/mother Pete and Rosa Arbelaez. Located in the 513/515 building on La Cienega, it is a must see for anyone looking for the best. With a collection from Alden, Sugar Cane Co., Buzz Rickson, Left Field NYC and Kicking Mule Workshop you can't go wrong. Pete and Rosa have graciously accept to be interviewed so expect more in depth information about what to expect in the Fall, and what to know about them. Oh, and a few great pictures, since this one was borrowed from Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean for the GQ Blog.

Craft, Los Angeles
513/515 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Nicholas A. said...

does Craft have a website?

Shaun said...

Unfortunately it is not up and running quite yet.