Friday, June 5, 2009

Stimulus Plan | The Steven Alan Outpost

In a the downward trend our economy is facing, economizing is on the forefront of everyone's mind. But then again why limit yourself? Let the companies do the dirty work. These days the smartest businesses out there realize that we are all facing tough times and despite the disbelief they are working for us. The curtains open and out steps Steven Alan center stage for the act of a lifetime. In January Steven Alan opened his first outlet, so named the Steven Alan Outpost, in Los Feliz which boasts an amazing 30%-70% off everything from as recent as last seasons product line.

But at 8:30 this morning Steven Alan opened their doors with a stimulus plan not worth passing up. The all famous, okay well maybe not but all too great Steven Alan sample sale with shirts starting at $58. And I thought I got a good deal at Save Fashion which were $10 dollars more. And that's not all, Steven Alan Outpost rented out the next door store front to host the other lines they happen to host in their store, but run quickly they will only be on sale for the first 3 days of the sample sale. So, check out the wall of Generic Man shoes.