Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Recap | SSLA/ATtG Pinewood Derby

The last and final post about the pinewood derby. It was a ton of fun, got to meet some interesting people and saw some creative people's work in action. So, with no further ado here is the much awaited unveiling of the TWGA & DAD entry for the derby...

Check after the jump for more pictures of the cars, the derby and the winner...

The Track with Chad of Secret Service LA looking down from the starting line

The Trophies: First Place, First Loser, Best in Show, and Worst in Show

The line-up as it was when I first got there

The line-up as it was when I left

TWGA & DAD's Entries (AKA my entries) and the one on the left I got from my Aunt at only a few months old and glad I could actually use it

The Winner and Beer Supplier, Nakhon's Entry

10 Engines & Son's Entry

Dianna Maggio's Entry (Jimmy Shoo)

Lead Derby's Entry

The Ship Wrecker (Not sure who entered this one)

Best in Show and the First Loser, Mr. Winter's Entry

The real deal


jon said...

Oh man that looks like it was so much fun! Sorry I couldn't make it. Figured my car wouldn't do all that well...although it is a vintage car-straight early '90s!

ps thanks for the shout out! snoozer loser is pretty cool

Shaun @ TWGA said...

Nice, I'm down with the vintage. The one from my Aunt is from the late 80's. Yours and mine were two of three vintage cars out there. And no problem about the shout out. It was well deserved and long awaited.