Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Apolis Activism + The Nepal Project

Shea, Raan and Stenn have done it again. The gentlemen at Apolis Activism have taken their small company and put it to good use once more with the Nepal Project. Following their collaboration with Filson for their Philanthropy bag dubbed the Uganda project -- for the reason that they sourced their canvas from Uganda in conjunction with the non-profit Invisible Children -- Apolis Activism partnered with the non-profit Citta for their second "Project".

Apolis is offering 3 different cashmere items for their Nepal Project. Each item is 100% cashmere from Nepal and is offered in a navy or heather scarf, a heather crew-neck sweater, and a navy or heather beanie. Beautifully constructed from the finest of cashmere. Would you expect anything less from them?