Friday, December 11, 2009

Hickoree's Hard Goods goes Brick and Mortar

Taking lead from their success at the Pop-Up Flea this past month Hickoree's Hard Goods has decided to be the first installment at the continuously rotating store-front space in Brooklyn, Metropolitan Green. The store is filled with everything from their website (Old Hickoree's, The Hill-Side, Leather Man Ltd, Heritage Leather Co, etc.) plus a little more (Old Hickoree's not on the website, Sol Mate socks, Folk Shoes, etc.). I will be working the store part time so come stop by to check the place out and pick up some fantastic Hanukkah gifts for each night. Join us next Friday for the Launch party. And Check after the jump for pictures of the installment.


manifolddestiny said...

Man I wish I were in New York. I love Hickoree's web site, this is going to be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, might have to see if you can find me a Hill-Side scarf. I can't find those things anywhere online!

Shaun said...

Manifolddestiny - Well, if there is anything you are interested in that you can't find on the website feel free to send me any requests and I can get it for ya...But when it comes to seeing the space, yeah it's a bummer you can't make it to NY. The space is fucking sick.

Anonymous - So, we will be getting in Hill-Side scarfs this week so if you want one stop by at the end of the week. And if you see the red-head that's me and introduce yourself...I love meeting readers.