Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Hells Angels

Berdoo, the mother charter of the Hells Angels MC World, was started in 1948 in San Bernardino, CA and still exists to this day.  As an official men's club, with their love for beards, bikes and leather jackets, the original members met as the first legs of many of their rides from Fontana to Oakland at the Blackboard Cafe on Chester St in Bakersfield.  And to join you need only fulfill 6 requirements: 1. Be male, 2. be white, 3. have a valid driver's license, 4. have a working motorcycle (preferably Harley-Davidson), 5. not be a child molester, 6. not have applied to become a police officer or prison guard.  The HAMC through out the next 62 years will be known for drug peddlers, rabble rousers, and an overall motley crew.  They will cause many problems, like the Altamont free concert, and cause many deaths, such as the River Run Riots, but will stick together like a true brotherhood through it all.


Anonymous said...

no joke: i had NO clue you had to be White to be a Hells Angel.

Shaun said...

Yeah, no Jews, Blacks, Asians or any other minority. Strictly White Americans (at first). I think that has changed though.