Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Preview | FREEDMAN's Look Book

Freedman Clothing has done it.  They have made the rain that has taken over New York that much worse and made me homesick.  The folk/rock aesthetic of Freedman hits close to home (and we all know home is where the heart is) with their shirts being named after Southern California cities.  And his use of contrasting but not conflicting fabrics and Navajo-pattern accents are yet again amazing.  But my favorite this season has to be the Cambria Folk Rock shirt.  The corduroy shoulders accents the brown in the plaid pattern perfectly.  I will admit the Santa Cruz chambray is a breath of fresh air from the basic ubiquitous chambray.  A couple more pictures after the jump.


Anonymous said...

Guitar and cabin, si.

Pre-torn jeans, no.

Anonymous said...

Great vibe to these photos!