Sunday, March 22, 2009

L.L. Bean | The Comeback Kid

With the newly revitalized love for all that is American, has come the return of L.L. Bean. Between Foster Huntington at A Restless Transplant and Max Wastler at All Plaidout who together were able to sojourn at L.L. Bean (to which I am utterly envious of), I have been inspired to look into the yesteryear of L.L. Bean. I will leave the fun of the research for you, but I will post a few photos from the LIFE Archive that I have found. For more, check out Foster and Max's superb blogs on all that is American.

The Freeport, ME L.L Bean Flagship. Originally a mail order company located above the local Post Office. How convenient for a mail order company.
A hunter in his all L.L. Bean deer hunting outfit. Red & black checked hat, coat, shirt & pants with heavy socks, bean boots & gun.
Father and child after a day at the lake hunting geese. Check out the 10" Shearling lined bean boots.
L.L. Bean's famous Maine hunting shoes lined up by size from 6 1/2" to 18". Top made of elk leather with signature rubber sole.

Also, I would like to endorse, especially in our economies time of need, Michael Williams' The American List. It is absolutely amazing to see people invested in this great place we all call home. Michael Williams, Foster Huntington and Max Wastler, I salute you. You are true men of honor.


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