The Rough-Luxe Experience

Rough-Luxe is a new way of looking at luxury as a moment in time and not only part of an object of consumption. Luxury is an enriching personal experience and not only an ownership of an expensive object.

Therefore, the Rough-Luxe definition of Luxury is: time for reflexion, personal encounters with people, nature, architecture and environment as well as food and social and cultural experiences linked to geographic locations. It is also, the intellectual solicitation, listening to ones own feelings as well as comparing objects and time and thinking of their hierarchy.

Rough-Luxe is about the experience, the surrounding, the intrinsic value of objects, art, culture and the people surrounding us as well as the ‘‘consumable’’ items, that you come across in a Rough-Luxe hotel or affiliated business or event.


The Rough Luxe Hotel, London, England

So this is Rough Luxe. Half rough, half luxury. A little bit of luxury in a rough part of London. A little bit of rough in a luxurious London. Our philosophy is simple; you are staying with us in our home, so just ask. Our Grade II listed home was transformed by internationally acclaimed designer Rabih Hage and is connected to on Art Gallery in the courtyard behind, where you will also find the Coffee Bar which is open to the public by reservation only during the week. Guests at a Rough Luxe hotel might share a bathroom or have a small room, but the luxury is in the choice of the wine, the bed linen, the art on the walls and the people looking after you.

Rough Luxe Hotel,
1 Birkenhead Street,
London, WC1H 8BA
United Kingdom

TEL: +44 (0)20 7837 5338
FAX: +44 (0)20 7837 1615
CELL: + 44 (0)7881 828 797

Leg Da Staz, St Moritz, Switzerland

The Hotel Restorant Lej da Staz comprises ten traditional rooms recently renovated with a keen sense of taste for genuine and contemporary design. All rooms radiate alpine charm, making the Lej da Staz not only a romantic hideaway, but also a delightful place blessed with the luxuries of time, peace and tranquility. Nestled between St. Moritz, Celerina and Pontresina, amidst a vast clearing of the extensive Staz woods, "Lej da Staz" rests on the shores of the Staz Lake. Surrounded on two sides by moor fields, reeds and swimming islands of buckbean, its hotel and environs enjoy a unique and very special ambiance of their own.

Hotel Restorant Lej Da Staz
CH-7500 St Moritz-Celerina

TEL: +41 81 833 60 50
FAX: +41 81 833 91 93

Restaurants & Bars

El Paradiso, St Moritz, Switzerland

El Paradiso is perched above St Moritz, so high visitors could be mistaken for thinking they were on top of the world, which they almost are. In summer or winter the location is spectacular. The food is exquisite and the sun benches outside offer the best of the panoramic views whether snuggling under furs with a blue nose and steaming hot chocolate, or in the warm summer sun. Inside, the roaring fires and intimate atmosphere complement the delicious organic food. El Paradiso is a private club for those who dare to venture so high and discover its secrets. El Paradiso can be hired for lunches and dinners, weddings and special events, or just provide the surroundings for an unforgettable few hours.

El Paradiso AG
Via Engiadina / Randolins
CH 7500 St. Moritz,

TEL: +41 81 833 40 02
FAX: +41 81 834 80 19

Shops & Luxury Goods

Shakespeare & Company

Not just another independent bookshop, Shakespeare & Company is more institution than shop, and has been one of Paris’ Latin Quarter’s artistic and creative hubs since 1951. Open from 10am till 11pm you can browse books, while away time and listen to talks and readings morning, noon and night.

Shakespeare & Company
37 Rue De La BÛcherie,
75005 Paris

TEL: +33 (0) 1 432 54 093

Seminars & Excursions

The Cowshed

The Cowshed, far off the beaten track on a St Moritz mountainside is truly a breathtaking hideaway. Surrounded by spectacular panoramic views it is accessible only to the intrepid on foot or by ski. This is where peace and tranquillity are luxurious. With no running water or electricity, the steaming copper bath is heated from the wood fired stove. It is the ideal retreat for a small group of friends. The Cowshed is available for bespoke excursions and weekends for 4-6 people.

For bookings and enquiries please contact:

Leo Rabello
TEL: + 44 (0) 207 837 5338

The Rough Luxe network businesses share an understanding of a different definition of luxury. If you would like to become part of our network please submit a profile of your business and business philosophy which will be considered by our curatorial panel. The network fee is determined on a case by case basis depending on your profile and the services you require. We also can offer selected members entry for a percentage fee on partnership projects.
Contact us at

Rough Luxe Network Criteria

* Unique location of the business in an exclusive site or address (example: mountain retreat, a beach building or an important location in an international city).

* Special or unique architectural and/or historical building where the (Rough-Luxe) business is established or operating from.

* The interior and architectural design are based on the mix of old and new elements; showing original parts of the building, preserving the memory of the site and built environment as well as adding new, useful and original elements to the property.

* The design is based on a mix that looks random but in fact is done with a conscious transmission of social and philosophical messages that put intellectual enrichment prior to the physical well being.

* Rough-Luxe is about the exclusivity of the experience and its uniqueness in time.

* Physical comfort is important. However, it comes second to intellectual exchange of ideas and personal enrichment through the time spent in a Rough-Luxe business.

* The quality of food and beverages (organic and well chosen ingredients) is also part of Rough-Luxe priorities.

* Rough-Luxe will only have original art and design pieces (no copies or prints of existing art or design).

* Rough-Luxe will have rare books and poetry collections as well as original manuscripts.

* Rough-Luxe will have original and exclusive food providers and food ingredients based on ethical commerce and environmentally friendly methods of trade (to the best of the -Rough-Luxe- ability and knowledge).

* In a Rough-Luxe business; Luxury is original materials with a unique appearance and historical elements not solely rare materials and expensive finishes.

* Rough-Luxe concept is about location and material which give an intellectual and physical experience based on the provenance of the objects and goods.

This is only a portion of what the Rough-Luxe Experience is about. For more please visit

All text and pictures courtesy of The Rough-Luxe Network.