Friday, May 29, 2009

Find of the day | WWII Ammunition Bag

In a day where items were made out of necessity and style was the least of man's problems, came some of the most beautifully crafted items. Their strength and longevity only adds to their beauty but letting us admire them for what they were back when. So, before I go on I need to thank Nick of A Time to Get for e-mailing me just in the nick of time (and no that pun was not intentional but gladly accepted).

It measures 19" across, 22" high and 6½" wide at the bottom.

The different colored back panels is a little suspect, but who gives a shit. The whole piece if examined has different colored canvas all over.

The added details make this piece so much more enticing. Is the rope tie original?

The dual handle on the side is nice touch.

Based off the look, the yarn stitched "KF" looks relatively new or at least not original.


Katey said...

hey its my initials!