Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inspiring Work

Typically you will find a post here and there about people that inspire me to be better and do better, always striving to take that one step forward. Whether it be a better person, a more intelligent person, a more capable person or whatever it may be. Just today, I had someone inspire me in their ability to reach out to another when least expected after someone who shall remain nameless decided to be an asshole to me for only trying to be nice. That nice and inspiring person being Foster Huntington of A Restless Transplant (Thanks!). And then there are those who don't (If you follow me on Twitter you might understand this a little more).

But then there is the work that others have done that inspire me to do a better job at what ever it is I am trying to do. My favorite of them being the Studley Tool Chest built by a piano repair man to help repair piano. Most likely built out of selvedge piano parts it is finely built, like a piano, using beautiful wood parts and mother of pearl.

After the jump are a few pictures of those certain items. Some built today and others built in the past. But the craftsmanship is immaculate and done with precise care. Enjoy.

The Studley Tool Chest

Best Made Co. axes
Falcon Motorcycles Bullet
Free & Easy Magazine


A TIME TO GET said...

Wait... So, Foster was the nice guy? Right? I was confused. Cause Foster is one of nice ones out there.

Who was the asshole? C'mon.

Shaun @ TWGA said...

Foster was the nice guy, of course. Yeah, he was the guy who contacted me after the fact. Otherwise, I might tell you, but after this Sunday (if you catch my drift). Nothing unexpected though.

A TIME TO GET said...

HAHA. that's funny. Well, by funny I mean unfortunate. Sucks. Keep the chin and who cares about anything anybody might say. Keep your focus on kids like Foster. He's good people.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, chin up, bro... or brew as FH would say. Nice one, bruva. Really love the piano repair kit. Is it available for sale? For what does it retail?

Shaun @ TWGA said...

I could only wish the Studley tool chest was for sale. I would have pulled all my Bar Mitzvah money for it. Nevertheless, I will have a post soon just on that piece, but as a preview...It is in the National Museum of American History and is the centerpiece of American woodworking and one tool, yes ONE tool, was appraised at $700 dollars alone. With 300 plus tools packed into it, I'm pretty sure I couldn't muster up any fraction of the price.

Shaun @ TWGA said...

Oh, and check out the Best Made Co. They are all handmade and designed by graphic designer Peter Buchanan-Smith known for his work with Isaac Mizrahi and Paper Magazine. They are legit. I would chop a cherry-tree with nothing less.