Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obsession | Money

When looking to update my websites all too amateur design I came across these. Vintage banknotes for far more than they were originally worth. So a two dollar bill can be worth $93.00 in less than 100 years, I should definitely start a savings account...under my bed of the oldest bill I can find but I probably shouldn't have said that. Anyway I'm not hear to talk about the worth of a vintage bank not but the beautiful design that once went into them rather than the color and randomly placed numbers and hidden pictures though those are cool and all.

The history of the United States currency is a long and grueling one with the gold and silver standard being pegged and unpegged to the paper currency. But the history of the design is of an unknown nature to me though I wish I knew more. So fill me in if you know anything. Check out the beauty.