Monday, July 6, 2009

Doing it Right | Mr. William Sack

Of all the obsessives, fanatics, and connoisseurs within the fashion business, there is none quit like Mr. William Sack. Bill, as he informally goes by, has been a professional retail associate for quite sometime making his way from street/urban wear to the likes of the Stronghold and his current venture Craft. At Craft he works with the owners Pete and Rosa to build the brands and collaborations that will grace the store in the coming seasons plus any other task that may come about. With this type of freedom Bill is given the ability to do research and merchandising and is able to let his creative side flow to expand his already vast knowledge.

Photo by Christopher Jovan
It is rare to find a person that truly knows the difference between selvedge, selvage and salvage. To even know someone who can pinpoint a first production of the LVC over other production runs of the same reproduction Levi is rare if unheard of. Bill Sack, as he called himself, is a sponge when it comes to quality and functional items. And just talking to him for a short amount of times really showed the expanse of his knowledge. So, I commend you Bill for doing what you love, loving what you do and doing it right.