Monday, July 20, 2009

The Long Awaited | Katin USA Custom Surf Trunks

A month ago I had the distinct pleasure of participating in and writing about a rare opportunity presented to the public by the generous brothers at Apolis Activism and the Mother and Son team at Katin USA. And with that opportunity came a 4 week long wait for the final product. But as of Saturday that wait had ended and my new custom-fitted, hand made Katin USA surf trunks had arrived. I picked them up in the early afternoon from American Rag Cie. and couldn't help but stop by to see Karl as I waited for them to be pulled and bagged. Not having a fitting first and going straight from measuring to production made me nervous. I wasn't quit sure if I would actually like them or if all would go well so I went classic. Okay I went simple, but it was well worth it. In the end what I got was a pair of trunks that are timeless. Not only in the construction which should last me the rest of my life but the style could work just as well in the 50's as it could in the 60's. 70's all the way to today.

So, basically my weekend was spent at the beach wearing in the canvas of the shorts. If I knew how to surf I would try them out, but that will be my next venture. I promise by next summer, and if anyone knows how and is willing to teach, I would love to hit the beaches so hit me up. Nevertheless, the shorts are a one of a kind, designed by me and I could not have asked for more (well, I could have but I wouldn't have wanted to). So, check them out after the jump along with some old photos.

Lifeguard Red with an Off-White competition stripe

signed and dated...Sato Shimura 2009

Original owner, customer and Sato Hughes back in the day


stylewithbenefits said...

Another great concept in the customization field. I agree those trunks are classic enough to last you for a long time... so well done. Very cool!