Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Rose Bowl Flea Market Find | Harley-Davidson Book of Fashions 1910s - 1950s

After been at the Rose Bowl Flea Market last weekend for 3 hours already my blood sugar was low, I was dehydrated and as Bill Sack said it as we passed each other upon entry, "I was uninspired". But it was just about time to give up and head home for lunch when it caught my eye. It was a strange placement for a book, in the middle of the vintage clothing area across the bridge and right next to some fantastic vintage military and motorcycle wear.

The book that caught my eye was among the colorful Freedamn books I was first introduced to at American Rag Cie. The cover was distinct and curling from the sun and heat but the book was too good to let get out of my grasp. But when another one was pulled out and it was in mint condition, my wallet followed suit. And then came the shock. A small Japanese gentleman asked me a very unusual question, "What would you like me to write?" I was utterly confused. And with a quick thought I quickly asked him if he was the author. And so he was. So I had him purely sign his name.

I really wish I had the energy or the ability to act on my toes and have interviewed Rin Tanaka, but I was not able to. But fortunate to me I was speaking with a good family friend who had informed me that Mr. Tanaka was a friend of theirs. Maybe that interview will go from the lost opportunity to a reality. You will just have to wait and see.

Oh and thanks Bill for reminding me but Karl over at Rogue Territory pointed me over to this post last week when I told him about this book so check out Michael Williams experience at the Rose Bowl in buying the same book. There is an uncanny resemblance in the experience we had, maybe that is a part of Mr. Tanaka's gimick. Only unlike Michael I was not privvy to the book like he was before purchasing it. His knowledge is usually far more expansive than mine is. And sorry Michael for jacking your post, it is too good of a book to let go untalked about. Check out his post here... ACL | Harley Davidson Style 1910 - 1950


Bill Sack said...

Dude..... Come on. ACL wrote the exact same review of the same book, complete with same story about meeting Rin, ten days ago. I cannot overlook how not cool this is, especially since I am mentioned, by name in here. You can do better!