Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Billykirk No. 155 Card/Cash Case, Pt. 2

With the embossing finished and all the parts ready for assembly all that is left to reveal is the wax-infused cording used to tie the whole thing together. And that is where Kirk, the second half of Billykirk or the whole of being that Kirk is William Kirkland to be shortened by their father to Billy Kirk, steps in. Where Chris did the embossing Kirk stitched it up to finish the production process.

Using a single cord to stitch the card case, each seam is stitched in a cross pattern to give it that extra amount of strength. the back is stitched and then the bottom and tied off back where it started. Check below for more pictures of the whole process.

Kirk stitching up the backside to start to process.
Stitching the loop closure to the card case
The making of the cross stitch for double the strength
A quarter of the bottom seem finished... almost there.
The final product all stitched up.
And the final product...stitching, embossing and all.

I would like to thank Chris and Kirk for taking the time to take pictures of the process for me so that you can have something to enjoy. They were a great resource when planning my purchase and I would recommend their service to anyone. Their products live up to their reputation and their service is top notch. So what are you waiting for. Shoot them an e-mail.


Ryan said...

So nice, the name across the strap adds a different look to an already great design. Kudos...

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Great pics as well!

Shaun said...

Thanks. It took me a while to decide where I wanted the embossing but I like it on the strap. And you can thank the Bray Brothers for the pictures.

Blank Label said...

wow... that's cool. i enjoyed seeing the whole process.
shows the simple work with love and care that's put into the product