Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Endorsed | The Find: Port Authority, LA on Valet Mag

My weekday mornings start the same way every Monday through Friday. I grab myself some breakfast either at home or at 4 'n' 20 diner and either behind my Macbook Pro or my iPhone (yes, I am a huge mac nerd and wouldn't use anything else if it were up to me) I check two sites, the first being the Material Interest at men.style.com and the second and by far one of my favorite online resourses The Edit at valetmag.com. That is why I was so honored to be featured today on The Edit as The Find for Port Authority, LA. Cory, the editor-in-chief has a real eye for the up and coming and a real knack for the editorial side of lifestyle and fashion. Having only just started Port Authority, LA a little under a month a half ago it was a great to feeling to be featured on a website with such a reputation as Valet. Check it out on Valet by clicking on the picture or check out Port Authority, LA to get a dose of the West Coast.

Thanks Cory for the endorsement.