Friday, August 7, 2009

Fall Buying Guide | Fall = Custom

This Fall will be my first Fall spent in Los Angeles in the past four years. As the temperature gets to it's highest point in August I disregard all temptation to buy myself more shorts and look toward what the future will hold; colder weather and darker skies. But there is a significant difference between this and any other typical Fall. I will not be looking toward J. Crew for my entire wardrobe like I thought I would at the end of Spring. In fact this will have a little more personal of a theme and it has started with a few great companies doing what they love. This Fall I am heading to my local custom clothiers. And the first place I am headed to is...

At Rogue Territory I am able to get anything I want done with basically any of the many fabrics he has in stock. With it being colder weather I am gonna go with the thickest weave selvage denim I can find. No wash (ie. raw) and a classic fit with detailing to my liking including suspender buttons and a buckle-back. I could not ask for more and if I can I most likely will.

My next stop will be to the computer to contact...

The leather working of the Brothers Bray at Billykirk on the eastern coast is unbeatable. The leather workings that they do making card cases, zipper wallets, bi/tri-fold wallets, belts, different compatibles, cuffs and bags are beyond anything that I have seen on the market. Their bags being brick mason inspired and their compatible include items for your bicycle, cufflinks and other masculine items. But most of all, their custom work including a variety of stitching along with personal embossing makes their card cases that much more desirable. A brown leather card case with natural waxed cord and my initials "CB" on the back will make an heirloom to pass on when I do exactly that.

And once I get a place to put my money I'll be heading to the one place that I have yet to write about but will be in the near future...

From Randy Freedman himself, the ex-guitar technician for Ben Harper started making shirts in early 2008 and has been doing one helluva job. Making custom shirts for friends on tour gave Randy the idea to open up shop making custom shirts for the public. My ideal shirt would be a denim workshirt with a buttondown collar and mermaid liberty patches in each sleeve. Maybe epaulets and I'd stick away from the snap buttons if possible, but since I am visiting Randy's shop in a week I don't have all the details. So, spare me till I can give you more next week.

Though the theme of Fall will be custom clothing including the custom item from Billykirk, but for the most part the best accessories are those that have been tested with time. Those are the items which can be made custom and those are the items that will be accompanying the custom wear.

*Freedman Clothing Workshirt
*Pendleton Sir Pendleton Wool Shirt
*Stetson Mercer
*Cooperstown Brooklyn Dodgers Cap
*Apolis Activism x Filson Original Briefcase
*J. Crew Shawl Collar Fleece*Persol Folding Sunglasses
*Hamilton Vintage Military Watch
*Billykirk Custom Card/Cash Case
*L.L. Bean Bean Boots
*J. Crew x Red Wing Original Irish Setter Boots
*Alden Wingtips


stylewithbenefits said...

Just checked out some of Randy Freedman's button down shirts and they are very cool. If I had the funds, I'd def. go the custom route. Dig those L.L. Bean and J. Crew boots as well.