Thursday, August 6, 2009

Find of the Day | Sailors Nude Liberty Cuff Patches

Like all good men these days the ideal and wont to be just like Steve McQueen is running wild and the ability to dress like him is exceptionally hard and takes some work. But with a little research and some basic knowledge of his movies it only takes a little time to find the best details of each outfit and assemble them in a way that is Steve McQueen inspired but not a complete rip-off of his complete outfits. Plus who wants to look like they are walking right off a U-Boat. Well, any shirt can have a little Steve McQueen and Vietnam inspiration just by adding these to the inside of your cuff. The liberty cuff patches are a beautiful way to take an ordinary shirt and make it beautiful. And you can get these on eBay from a downwards of $5 and don't need to pay your life savings away on a Mister Freedom shirt.

"One pair of Mermaid Liberty Cuff patches. Left and Right cuffs. These were un-authorized patches which were sewn on the inside of the cuffs of the U S Sailor's Dress Blue uniform. We turned up the cuffs once we were off of the ship and off of the base. Liberty Cuffs have been around since WW I(a bit rare though)but gained their big popularity during the Viet Nam War. There were numerous versions from that era but they have seemed to die down in popularity since Viet Nam. Over the years Mermaids and Dragons have been the most popular and the Mermaids still seem to be hanging in there.

These cuff patches are embroidered on silk and measure 2" X 5" each and are brand new, never been sewn."

So go ahead and try and out bid me for these with 3 days to go.

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