Friday, August 14, 2009

A New Perspective | Tilt Shift Photography

My Father and I used to work on HO trains when I was young always changing the town to be something a little bit different. Whether it was trying to recreate my Father's hometown of Utrecht, NL or some perfect imaginary town of your wildest dreams. But we were to indecisive and in the end the train tracks, houses, store fronts, barns, hotels, cafes and fake plant life were put into their respective boxes and placed in the garage. As a kid I was so tired of looking up at everything so to have the perspective of looking down at something made me feel larger than life and I loved it. So when I found this tilt-shift motion picture of East Los Angeles I fell in love. The angle, the shift, and the tilt make this whole video seem like you are looking down at an HO train track and it brings me back to the days of ol'.

Tilt-shift photography, a technical mix of mechanics that boggles my mind, and Smallgantics, a post production digital effect where each level of the image is blurred respectively, are the techniques used in this video and other such as the Harrowdown Hill video by Thom Yorke. These effects can trick the mind into assuming that the relative size of an object is different than it actually is, kind of like a when guys use a raised truck or a large gun to trick the...well, you get the idea.