Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Pocket Pal | The Apache Pocket Pistol

I sometimes sit around thinking to myself that true gangsters must have a problem storing all their weapons between the knuckle dusters, the gats, and the shanks. Okay, well I don't really ponder such things but if I were a gangster, a mobster or a cowboy there would be the conundrum of where I would store all my weapons and other accoutrement. There is the possibility of a holster but with your hands in pockets how useful is that? So, in 1869 L. Dolne à Liege developed a patent for a steel and brass revolver. Not your average revolver. An 8mm caliber pepperbox revolver that folds away to be a total of 1.5 inches in width with a handle that folds away to become a slightly useless knuckle duster and a dagger that folds out no longer than an inch. Overall this work of art is absolutely useless unless your point blank. The pepperbox revolver action is as accurate as would be a blind sniper. So basically the only use for one of these would be to carry around with your around town for the periodical mugger. But if I were a gangster I would carry some sort of modern model for show. But is the original worth the $4,000 for an original? You decide.