Tuesday, November 24, 2009

eBay Win of the Month

Last week while perusing the eBay market -- where I spend most my time is wasted -- I stumbled upon a pair of beautiful boots. After checking them out, doing a little research and triple-taking the starting price of $19.99 I clicked the watch item for this beautiful pair of 1940's Wolverine moc toe work boots.

Knowing very well the beauty of this specific item and the demand for an item such as this I expected -- like most items I put under my watch list -- to have exceeded a price beyond what I could afford. Especially being made of Shell horsehide, being in such pristine condition, and having been resoled already. There was no way I was going to be able to get this item -- especially after boasting about them a little bit at the Pop-Up Flea this weekend, stupid me -- but as the clock counted down and the last 30 minutes came till the end of the auction I couldn't help but notice that there was one other bid. So, with one minute left like any good sniper I shot in a max bid of $40.00 and won these beauties for a total of $26.00. Sorry for sniping but I couldn't help myself.


Barron said...

"sniping"... is that what it's called? I always thought it was just skilled, timely bidding :]

great find!

Shaun said...

Ha, yeah 'sniping' but I will accept skilled. Makes me seem less like a thief and more like a pro.

Speedmaster said...

Very cool catch, nice to see some retro shell cordovan boots. I wish the new Wolverine 1000 Mile boots were shell.

manifolddestiny said...

Those are amazing. With a little cleanup you could probably have them looking practically new again, with an amazing patina. I think Horween recommends Venetian Shoe Cream for cleaning and conditioning shell, and you can get it from Russell Moccasin.