Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Men at Work

With this season of Mad Men over and the last episode ending with Sterling Cooper's loss of their office space and their unfortunately setup in a hotel suite my mind drifted to the once high status of the desk. In the 21st century the idea of a corner office has been lost. Where corner offices once stood, cubicles have taken it's place. And where glorious desks once sat, multiple desk-style units have take over the wall space. So, here is my tribute to the days of corner offices, grand desks and the lunchtime martini. Here are men at work.

Don Draper's former desk

Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson

Atlanta, GA Mayor William B. Hartsfield

New York, NY Mayor Robert Wagner

Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy

RFK's Brother and 35th President of this United States of America John F. Kennedy

Some desks more unconventional than others, Ernest Hemingway


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