Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LIFE Archives | Hunting in the Old Days

Yesterday the LIFE Archive was gracious enough to present us with some of the best pictures of "Hunting in the Old Days". Between picture of Papa Hemingway and Ike (Eisenhower) we are given a very American (at least those are the pictures I chose to feature) perspective of hunting when the Remington or the Winchester was a man's best friend.

Northern Austrailia, 1931

Theodore Roosevelt on African Safari, 1909

John Lachenmaier (left) with safari trophies, 1951

Ernest Hemingway on African Safari, 1937

Dogs and Hunters, 1946

Goose Hunt in Louisiana, 1955

Ike and Coke on quail hunt, 1961

Father and son, 1955


L.A.S said...

Too much awesome, if there ever was such a thing.

mordechai said...

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