Friday, November 13, 2009

Steez Biting the Big Blue

This winter there will be a major theme in the clothing I will be choosing. The weather will significantly different than I am used to and I will need clothing that will need to be thicker and stand-up to harsher weather than I have ever lived in. I am going to need to put a lot of trust into the clothing I buy. North Sea Clothing has been a trusted name in nautical heavy gauge sweaters since the first World War when they were created as Royal Navy War Office issued garments. They were later taken in by motorcyclist as a insulation to the Barbour/Belstaff motorcycle jacket during harsh weather.

The weather will get to points where ears ache immediately upon exit of buildings and as much as I am not excited about that or the people wearing stupid looking earmuff I am excited to purchase myself a $10.00 Rothco USN-issue Watch Cap, made in America for Americans.

And lastly, I've always been told if your head and your feet are cold then your entire body will feel cold, so I'll take two weeks worth of these. At only $5.00 a pair and made for the Extreme cold you can't go wrong.