Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quoddy x South Willard = Ultimate Spring Shoe

Quoddy for South Willard
Brown Suede
natural handsewing
brown laces
antique eyelets
brick sole
glove lined


Anonymous said...

Always appreciate your posts, but I just don't get the flavor or passion behind these types of shoes. I've seen them on the hipsters with the their pants rolled up in Philly & NYC and quite frankly they look horrible - totally unflattering. Reminds me of the 80s glam bands who wore spandex and Reeboks...

Shaun said...

My passion behind them is that they are a well made pair of shoes using beautiful material to create a nice looking final product. In my own opinion, I don't see how a pair of Quoddys can be compared to a pair of Reeboks. They are two totally different shoes and when work with a great pair of jeans or even some shorts they can compliment the outfit perfectly. If I may ask, and if you may answer (turned off anonymous posting, sorry) what about the shoes do you find "totally unflattering"?

Win said...

I have no issue with the construction or material of the shoe. I find the style of the shoe unflattering. They look like hi-top moccasins or slippers. Maybe comparing them to 80s style Reeboks was too harsh...they are more akin to the booties worn by the cartoon George Jetson.
I appreciate your posts and insights, I just don't happen to agree or like the specific style of the shoe - nothing more, nothing less.
I feel there are more flattering styles of shoes to be worn by men.

wecouldgrowup2gether said...