Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Billykirk No. 155 Card/Cash Case, Pt. 1

The process was started a little over a week ago when I e-mailed Chris Bray, one half of the infamous Brothers Bray at BillyKirk, about the possibility of a custom wallet like explained in a previous post (Fall Buying Guide | Fall = Custom). And this past week has been filled with questions, answers and communication between himself and myself trying to pick the leather color, the wax-infused cording color, and what and where I would like embossed on my new custom wallet. And with a little help and some suggestions the wallet has gone into production. But you won't have to wait Chris has kindly agreed to keep me updated of the production process.

It all starts with the same birth that all wallets come from. The basic cut-out for the No. 155 card/cash case from Amish leather workers in the state of Pennsylvania is made of one whole piece of leather. The strap is a separate piece of leather and that is where I chose to place my embossing. And having adopted my Opa's (and his Opa's and his Opa's and so on and so forward) name it means a lot to me so that is the obvious choice for my embossing.

The Supplies

The start of the embossing
Chris Bray himself working out the embossing

Now all they need is the assembly, check back for Pt. 2


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